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Our Story

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The Hatman Company is a dance company born to connect, thrill and inspire people through movement. Created during the summer of 2020 by three friends Alba, Marta and Carlos with the will of creating a space where we could share our own artistic vision. 

Our works include theater and visuals. Storytelling dance is where we live. We tell stories about characters, that live and experience live in ways we can all relate too and share them with the audience. 


The Piano Man

October 2022

The Piano Man is a dance comedy show with live music about the personal instatisfactions and the struggle of fulfiling the artistic dreams. Bill, our pianist and singer tells us the story of our 3 dancers: Katie, the waitress, Paul, the buisnessman, John, a mime. Our characters question love, social relationships, work and their passions. Premiered at Jazzcelona Dance Festival. Casa Montjuic. Barcelona.

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A West Side Story

May  2023

A West Side Story is a dance film inspired by the musical West Side Story. It is a contemporary version of the love story between Tony and Maria, all told through movement and dance. This short clip that you will see is a section is the Dance at the Gym section.

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July 2022

A story about two friends meeting in the beautiful town of Sitges. Danced to the music of La la land Mia and Sebatian Theme, this piece is dedicated to friendship. It's a love story between two friends and the joy of spending time together being fully present, in the moment.

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Life is Swing

August 2021

An advertisment for the Gin brand Valxerit. Life is swing is a celebration of life and friendship through music and dance.



April 2021

LIGHT is a narrative dance show that brings us to answer a question: What is it and how do we achieve that thing that makes us wake up everyday and live? LIGHT was created during the pandemic. It's the journey of our 5 characters conecting with their inner light and rebuilding their positivity and abundance path trough life. It's a celebration of life. Premiered at theater Foment Hortenc. Barcelona. Produced by The Hatman Company

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