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Carlos Rodríguez

The artist was always there, but the passion was something I had to find. I never thought of art as a way of making a living, but now, I see art as the only way to live. 

Art has always been in my heart. As a child, painting and drawing kept my creative spirit at bay, allowing me to escape and communicate my feelings in a way I couldn’t with words. But being an artists was no way of finding success and financial security, one must become a lawyer to have those things. So, naturally, I went to law school. Lucky for me, law school wasn’t very exciting, so I had no choice but to find some way of entertaining myself: dancing.

Quickly, I realized I had to decide between becoming the respected lawyer, or the dancer of my dreams. As much as I really wanted to commit to having the most boring life as a lawyer, I was more committed to living my best life as an artist. 

While pursuing a law degree, I trained in many different styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, popping, locking, house, and contemporary. I was fortunate enough to study in many different schools in Barcelona, Madrid, Warsaw, London and New York City. Finally, after four years, I finished law school and was free to pursue dance full-time.

I got to dance in a variety of companies, all with very different styles and structures. Some of these companies include the Rookies Dance Company, Jose Tirado Dance Company, State Ballet Stara Zagora, Jazz House Theater, The Hatman Company, Ballet Contemporary de Catalunya, and many others—dancing on big stages, small stages, doing live performances, films, in clubs, competitions, ballets, commercials, and more. 


While dancing in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, I got my first profesional opportunities to choreograph and create some works for the ballet company there. This was where I first got to develop my choreographic language with my colleagues. I found my voice through classical, neoclassical, theatre dance, and jazz vocabulary. Learning from many different perspectives has helped be to develop my individuality within my artistry. 

Falling in love with choreography made me realize that I was always meant to be an artist. When I was a kid painting, my heart was trying to tell me who I always was meant to become. Choreographing is like my inner child painting pictures, but through dance. 

It didn’t take long for me to start my own dance company with my friends Alba and Marta: The Hatman Company. With this company, we’ve created two full-length dance productions: LIGHT and The Piano Man, in addition to short films like The Meeting, A West Side Story, and Life is Swing. We have many more projects that one day will become reality.

I am developing my voice through working with a large variety of artists with many different backgrounds, discovering themes, vocabulary and the stories I want to share with an audience. I am using the power of movement to connect people to their emotions and bring people with me on this beautiful journey of the creative life. To this day, I continue to dance, choreograph, and educate. I live life drawing from what seems to feel like endless inspiration. Now, the art in my heart guides me and I live passionately ever after. 

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