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Stage Works


The Piano Man


The Piano Man is a dance comedy show with live music about the personal instatisfactions and the struggle of fulfiling the artistic dreams. Bill, our pianist and singer tells us the story of our 3 dancers: Katie, the waitress, Paul, the buisnessman, John, a mime. Our characters question love, social relationships, work and their passions. Premiered at the Jazzcelona Dance Festival. Produced by The Hatman Company. Conceived, directed and choreographed by Carlos Rodriguez.


Sweet Charity

Choreography for the IAB (Institute of the Arts Barcelona) Production of the musical originally created, directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse. Directed by Charlotte Westenra Musical Director by Ashley Jacobs Choreographer by Carlos Rodriguez Performed by BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Level 6 students.



LIGHT is a narrative dance show that brings us to answer a question: What is it and how do we achieve that thing that makes us wake up everyday and live? LIGHT was created during the pandemic. It's the journey of our 5 characters conecting with their inner light and rebuilding their positivity and abundance path trough life. It's a celebration of life. Premiered at theater Foment Hortenc. Barcelona. Produced by The Hatman Company Conceived, directed and choreographed by Carlos Rodríguez.



Simplicity is a dance piece danced to Txchaickovsky's music The Waltz of the Flowers. It was comissioned for the New Year's eve concert of the State Ballet Stara Zagora danced by their beautiful dancers. It's a joyful dance celebrating dance and comunity. Production State Opera Stara Zagora Danced by dancers State Ballet Stara Zagora Artistic Director Sylwia Tomowa Orquestra State Opera Stara Zagora Choreographed by Carlos Rodríguez


The Lion's Face

THE LION’S FACE is a chamber opera by Elena Langer to the libretto by Glyn Maxwell. The opera gives a unique peek into the life of a person suffering from Alzheimer. We encounter how a wife loses her beloved husband to the disease, and she becomes unrecognizable to him. The message of the opera is that we should be able to accept and forgive each other whatever happens when we might undergo a change while getting older. Production State Opera Stara Zagora. Director Morten K. Roesen Conductor Juri Ilinov Scenography and costumes Asya Stoimenova Choreography Carlos Rodríguez

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